Giving Home Theatre a Whole New Meaning


  • Entertainment

Scope of Work

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Identity Concept & Creation
  • Logo Design
  • Motion Language
  • Naming
  • Tone of Voice

Cue brings far-flung performances from world-famous companies and stages to life at home — all on your cue. From opera to jazz and ballet, the platform is for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

The identity concept begins with the name: Cue. It’s a phrase used across all performing arts, signalling a beginning. We transformed the classic cue dot into circle motifs that run throughout the branding. But it’s about more than just reviving a classical art form — it’s about bringing it alive in our modern world. The visual expression references old marquees and posters, and allows every bit of content to feel substantial, unique but also consistent.