We Build Brands and Launch Products


Our team works across a broad range of disciplines: graphics and identity, strategy and positioning, products and packaging, websites and digital experiences, sound and motion. But no matter what we do, we like to keep things simple and make sense of complex matters.

Brand Strategy

Research & Insights / Vision & Purpose / Brand Positioning / Brand Story / Brand Values

This phase is heavy on the intellectual side. A lot of researching, discussing and questioning assumptions. It’s where we get to know the brand and the challenges facing our clients and identify the main concept we'll work with going forward.

Brand Identity

Visual Identity / Tone of Voice / Naming / Art Direction / Brand Guidelines / Logo Design / Motion Language / Typeface Design

Informed by our findings in the strategy phase, this is where things start to unfold. The expression, from tone to logo design, should support our crystalised idea about the brand. All to foster sincerity and consistency.

Brand Expression

Brand Campaigns / Packaging / Content Creation & Production / Digital Experience & Web / Launch & Activations / Animations

This is when things come to life. Armed with a strong brand identity, we can create everything from campaigns to content and animations that are specific enough to get the job done and characteristic enough to be undeniably yours.

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